Sail(Cloud Administrator)_

Cloud Administrators create and maintain cloud applications, as well as automate, monitor, and secure data being transferred to the cloud.

Course Description:

Students will gain knowledge and develop hands-on experience solving real-world problems in the area of cloud administration. This includes the process to provision, orchestrate, scale, manage, and monitor cloud services across compute, storage, networking, and security using various cloud interfaces. All projects utilize existing public cloud infrastructure, tools, and services. Specifically, students will be exposed to real-world scenarios, infrastructure, and data. It is our goal that students will develop the skills needed to become a cloud administrator.


Intro to Computing


8 weeks per quarter

15 weeks per semester

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Learning Objectives

Students who complete the Cloud Administrator course should be able to:

  • Explain the core concepts of the cloud computing paradigm and discuss how and why the cloud paradigm shift came about.
  • Explain the characteristics of various models and services in cloud computing and discuss their advantages and challenges.
  • Create, configure and manage cloud accounts, subscriptions, user and service identities.
  • Set and manage role-based access control (RBAC) based on a set of specifications.
  • Configure, create, and manage compute, networking and storage cloud resources and set their policies and access.
  • Apply cloud scaling solutions to deploy a load-balanced web application on the cloud.
  • Create, configure, deploy, manage and monitor cloud resources through cloud orchestration tools.
  • Utilize monitoring telemetry, metrics, and alerts for cloud resources to improve the reliability and availability of cloud applications.
  • Create, configure, and manage virtual networks, subnets, security groups, and IP addresses.
  • Employ cloud backup, redundancy, and recovery services to deploy cloud-based fault-tolerant services.